Slow Release™


Slow Release™ is a unique combination of microencapsulated active ingredient and microencapsulated phagostimulant (food-grade attractant).


Large microcapsules mask the presence of the active ingredient and contribute to its slow, gradual release, without repellency effect.


Smaller microcapsules which constitutes food bait effectively lures insects into the sprayed areas and increases the grooming behavior.


Pests pass the substance on to other individuals through contact leads to further transmission to the entire colony.

Sprayable Bait Technology


Sprayable Bait Technology is a new form with proven effectiveness.

By combining the advantages of current formulation used to control crawling insects and eliminating limitations in their application method, Attracide ® guarantees:


  • quick, easy and precise application, regardless of the type of surface
  • lower cost of the procedure
  • long residual effect
  • high effectiveness in cockroach eradication